About Us

     First of all, thank you for being here!

     Each piece of jewelry you find here is handcrafted by me. I do basically everything except make the wire into rings. I buy those already cut, as well as the other jewelry findings either online or at a hobby store. All of the rings used to make the jewelry are nickel free, and all of the earrings have the "ball and coil fishhooks" as the default option which are also nickel free. This is because nickel is the most common metal that people are allergic to, so nickel-free materials are safe for most people with allergies.

     I have been making all kinds of crafty things for most of my life thanks to my beautiful mom and grandmas who taught me to cross stitch, crochet, quilt, and many other creative things. I also inherited a love of puzzles of all kinds. I used to sit around as a tiny human with my mom, her brother, and her mom and work puzzles for hours. Chainmaille has been kind of like putting together a really fun metal puzzle. I start with a pile of rings and two pairs of pliers, and with a lot of love and patience fit the pieces together one ring at a time to make a beautiful piece of art.

     I hope you will enjoy looking around while you are here, and maybe you will find something that you would really love to have for your very own! If you don't find something that suits your own unique personality already listed here, please just send me a message and I would be happy to work with you to create your own beautiful piece of chainmaille jewelry.

     You can find and follow Crafty Welches on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram to be among the first to hear about sales and new items and other things you might enjoy.

     My wonderful husband is amazing with technology, and he has built this website for me to be able to share my chainmaille jewelry with all of you. If you have a moment, you should go and check out his website at www.MindDetour.com where you will find a wide variety of interesting and sometimes hilarious videos to take you away from the everyday stuff for a little while.

Thanks for visiting!!

Josh & Stacy Welch